Directorate of Administrative and Financial Affairs

Mission and Vision

           OUR MISSON is to enable the use of staff, machinery-equipment and financial resources in the most effective and productive way within the frame of current legal regulations, to create additional financial resources in accordance with the strategies and policies of Aksaray University, with the purpose of carrying out the services and activities of our directorate in an economical and efficient way and to have an administrative and financial affairs structure that is strong, reliable, open to change and technological advancements, participatory and that has an approach with an ethical code of conduct.


        OUR VISION is to become a model directorate in our university by using our resources based on the needs and prioritizing the benefit of the society and the organization with the pleasure of fulfilling the orders and duties by our creative, innovative and modern staff who stick to Atatürk’s principles and reforms, working in a fair and principled manner that emphasizes accountability, responsibility, realism and participation in all services offered in terms of both financial affairs and administrative affairs as well.